[MP3] Amayanabo - David Wilfred

David Wilfred is a Native of Nembe and Akwa ibom, birthed in February 18 to parents Mr. and Mrs. Ebiri Wilfred. He started singing at a very tender age. Dropped his first song in February 2014. David is an award winning singer and his love and zeal for God is unquenchable. 

He just dropped his latest single titled: "AMAYANABO", the song is a boom and is very inspirational. AMAYANABO is an inspirational song that was birthed from David's love and gratitude to God for loving him unconditionally despite his imperfections, flaws and mistakes. David just discovered that God's love never ends.

This song also sends a message to all those who feel that they are not good enough, it tells them that God loves them inspite of what they are into or may have done.



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